Novedades Octubre 2022 Canales RSS para listas públicas Novedades Octubre 2022 A petrologic assessment of internal zonation in granitic pegmatites por London, David Advances in geomorphology and quaternary studies in Argentina: Proceedings of the sixth argentine geomorphology and quaternary studies congress por Rabassa, Jorge Aeolian remobilisation of volcanic ash: outcomes of a workshop in the Argentinian Patagonia por Jarvis, Paul A. Análisis litoestratigráfico y de procedencia de los depósitos sedimentarios Cretácicos de la cuenca Alamor Lancones por Carrasco Ronquillo, Hugo Fernando Ancient structural inheritance explains gold deposit clustering in northern Perú por Wiemer, Daniel Authigenic and detrital clay minerals as indicators of paleoenvironmental and postdepositional evolution in a Cretaceous–Cenozoic succession from Argentine Central Andes por Wunderlin, Cecilia A. Big karst chambers: Examples, genesis, stability por Gilli, Eric Boulder and fine sediment transport and deposition by the 2004 tsunami in Lhok Nga (western Banda Aceh, Sumatra, Indonesia): A coupled offshore–onshore model por Paris, Raphaël Chapter 7 - Latest Triassic to Early Cretaceous tectonics of the Northern Andes: Geochronology, geochemistry, isotopic tracing, and thermochronology por Spikings, Richard A. Comparing model complexity for glacio-hydrological simulation in the data-scarce Peruvian Andes por Muñoz, Randy Connoisseur'S choice: Alabandite Uchucchacua Mine, Oyon province Lima department, Peru por Pohwat, Paul W. Copper‑rich tin deposits por Sillitoe, Richard H. Environmental management of river basin ecosystems por Ramkumar, Muthuvairavasamy Genesis of the Florida Canyon nonsulfide Zn ores (northern Peru): new insights into the supergene mineralizing events of the Bongará district por Chirico, Rita Geodynamic evolution of the southernmost Andes: Connections with the Scotia Arc por Ghiglione, Matías C. Geology and genesis of the Shalipayco evaporite-related Mississippi Valley-type Zn–Pb deposit, Central Peru: 3D geological modeling and C–O–S–Sr isotope constraints por Oliveira, Saulo Batista de Glacier retreat and associated processes since the Last Glacial Maximum in the Lejiamayu valley, Peruvian Andes por Emmer, Adam Gondwana landscapes in southern South America: Argentina, Uruguay and southern Brazil por Rabassa, Jorge Grandite-based resource characterization of the skarn-hosted Cu-Zn-Mo deposit of Antamina, Peru por Laukamp, Carsten Heavy metal contents in soils and native flora inventory at mining environmental liabilities in the Peruvian Andes por Cruzado Tafur, Edith Hualgayoc mining district, northern Peru: testing the use of zircon composition in exploration for porphyry-type deposits por Viala, M. Hyršlite, Pb8As10Sb6S32, a new N = 3;3 member of the sartorite homologous series from the Uchucchacua polymetallic deposit, Peru por Keutsch, Frank N. Ichnoentomology: insect traces in soils and paleosols por Genise, Jorge Fernando La fábrica magnética a partir de la anisotropía de susceptibilidad magnética (AMS): sus bases generales y ejemplos como auxiliar para determinar direcciones, fuentes y dinámicas de flujo por Caballero Miranda, Cecilia I. Machine learning for geochemical exploration: classifying metallogenic fertility in arc magmas and insights into porphyry copper deposit formation por Nathwani, Chetan L. Manganoquadratite, AgMnAsS3, a new manganese-bearing sulfosalt from the Uchucchacua polymetallic deposit, Lima Department, Peru: Description and crystal structure por Bonazzi, Paola Marine isotope stage 3 in southern South America, 60 ka B.P.-30 ka B.P. por Gasparini, Germán Mariano Menchettiite, AgPb2.40Mn1.60Sb3As2S12, a new sulfosalt belonging to the lillianite series from the Uchucchacua polymetallic deposit, Lima Department, Peru por Bindi, Luca Methods in paleoecology: Reconstructing Cenozoic terrestrial environments and ecological communities por Croft, Darin A. Mineral pigments in archaeology: their analysis and the range of available materials por Siddall, Ruth New physical, geochemical and gemological data of opals from Acari Mine (Arequipa Department, Peru) por Caucia, Franca Ocean-atmosphere interactions of gases and particles por Liss, Peter S. On a sustainable future of the Earth's natural resources por Ramkumar, Muthuvairavasamy Practical geochemistry por Alexandre, Paul Remote sensing advances for earth system science. The ESA Changing Earth Science Network: projects 2011-2013 por Fernández Prieto, Diego Reply to Thomas and Davidson on “A petrologic assessment of internal zonation in granitic pegmatites” (London, 2014a) por London, David Seismo-lineaments and potentially seismogenic faults in the overriding plate of the Nazca-South American subduction zone (S Peru) por Gaidzik, Krzysztof Simulation of cooling in a magma chamber por González, Johan South American Triassic geochronology: Constraints and uncertainties for the tempo of Gondwanan non-marine vertebrate evolution por Irmis, Randall B. Textures, structures and processes of volcanic successions: Examples from southern Central Andes (Northwestern Argentina, 22º–28ºS) por Coira, Beatriz L. The atlas of climate change: based on SEAP-CMIP5: Super-Ensemble Projection and Attribution (SEAP) of climate change por Dong, Wenjie The material limits of energy transition: Thanatia por Valero, Alicia The Peru-Chile margin from global gravity field derivatives por Alvarez, Orlando The world of mineral deposits: A beginner's guide to economic geology por Neukirchen, Florian Towards an interdisciplinary approach in earth system science: Advances of a helmholtz graduate research school por Lohmann, Gerrit Unfrozen state by the supercooling of chuño for traditional agriculture in Altiplano andes por Yoshikawa, Kenji Uranous mineralogy of hypergene reduction region: Using electron microscopy data por Doynikova, Olga Alexandrovna Walter L. Pohl: Economic geology, principles and practice: metals, minerals, coal and hydrocarbons - Introduction to formation and sustainable exploitation of mineral deposits (2nd revised edition) por Melcher, Frank